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Online Social Skills Group!!!!

We are a team that works together with 14-19 y/o who are challenged by thoughts and feelings that make them anxious, panicked, and avoidant around others. These support groups provide skills-based training to work through and overcome anxious thoughts and feelings. The group will provide a safe space with non-judgmental support in an open environment for sharing. We will use contemporary evidence-based practices to help your teen learn skills and strategies to better manage and relate to anxieties that affect their well-being, including interactions at school, in social, and in-home environments.

As group leaders, we use cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help your child become more aware of their anxious thoughts and feelings, identify skills to better relate to and manage these experiences and build social confidence in general. In addition, we incorporate other methods that have been proven helpful as needed.

Your adolescent will understand the basics of clinical concepts like cognitive defusion and psychological flexibility and have built skills through mindfulness training and related practices that they can take with them into their lives to regulate better and navigate the complex social world they are growing into.

Each meeting is $35.00 or pay $250 in full. Medicaid, Humana, CareFirst & OON benefits check your insurance.

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